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Presentation on Searchbots, and an Expert Panel on Relevance Analysis (Keyword Research)

ionSearch Conference, April 18th 2012

ionsearch Advanced Search Marketing Conference. 18th April, Leeds

I was lucky enough to speak at the inaugural ionSearch Conference, put on by the lovely folks at BlueClaw. I was speaking on an Expert Panel on "Killer Keyword Research" with Matt Roberts, VP at Linkdex (as moderator), Mal Darwen of WordTracker, and Jimmy McCann of Search Laboratory; and I was asked to step in at the last minute for Kevin Gibbons, and gave my Searchbots: Lost Children or Hungry Psychopaths? What Do Searchbots Actually Do? presentation again (which seemed to go down well enough - thankfully).

Conference and Speakers:

The conference was multi-tracked, with a main auditorium, a small "expert panel" room, and a product demonstration room - meaning you had to make decisions as to what to see .... I missed Tom Anthony of Distilled who apparently was good.

The conference was smaller conference than Brighton SEO, but it packed in some terrific speakers. Standout ones for me (of the ones I did see) were:

Dave Synder

Dave Synder - Content Marketing In The Post-Panda World

A terrific talk, my favourite quote being that Matt Cutts advice to us all effectively boils down to "build content and pray to god".

I also enjoyed the "Creative Link Building Tactics" expert panel suite - which consisted of Razvan Gavrilas, Cognitive SEO (moderator), Lyndon Antcliff, Cornwall SEO, Tim Grice, Branded 3, and Andrew Girdwood, LBi Bigmouth Media. Very interesting conversation, mostly along the lines of how to create links through creative content.

Expert Panels Suite - Creative Link Building Tactics

All in all a great event, various reviews up on the tinternet (find them via #ionsearch on Twitter).

Searchbots Presentation: Slides and Explanatory Notes:

Slides from the "searchbots" presentation, together with detailed explanatory notes can be found at:

Brighton SEO: Lost Children or Hungry Psychopaths? What Do Searchbots Actually Do?

Keyword Research & Relevance Analysis Slides and Explanatory Notes:

Video of the "Keyword Research Panel" :

Video of Keyword Research Panel

Slides from the expert panel can be found below:

Keyword Research & Relevance Analysis

Thanks Again

Finally, big thanks again to Fergus, all at BlueClaw and at ionSearch for a great day and a rather blurry evening