Visualising, optimising, hacking, and fiddling with data, text, and whatnot.

CloudShapes is: pretty much me, Roland Dunn. It's a tiny UK business, working with digital technology in optimisation, visualisation and general bits of hackery. I'm also a founding partner of Refined Practice, a online branding agency based in London and Zurich, and I've recently co-written a book on D3.js (the visualisation library/toolkit).

I've worked for a number of years in marketing optimisation, created a number of visualisations, and have developed various tools analysing search queries, combining various bits of data from Google Analytics, and pulling meaning from blocks of text.

I have a background in Maths and Computer Science, and my Linked In profile provides all kinds of further information, including recommendations, organisations I've worked with - and more.

CloudShapes and Labs:

/ is where I post all kinds of experiments, ramblings etc - and /labs/ is where I put up interactive experiments, hacks, fiddles etc. Most at the moment are experiments with D3.js, there's more to come, and who knows what they'll be in the future.

What Now?

You could read more on the blog, take a look at /labs/, consider what we're doing at Refined Practice, or just get in touch: email (roland [at] cloudshapes [dot] co [dot] uk), or use the contact form.

And, there's also these pages to look at:

Refined Practice
Developing a D3.js Edge