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Tweets Featuring Father Jack Hackett:

Father Jack Hackett

Tweets Featuring Father Jack:

Tweets containing the various phrases that Father Jack used to shout periodically appear around the screen accompanied by Father Jack shouting out whatever phrase is used in that tweet (so have your sound turned up). At the same time the phrase he's just shouted out zips away from Father Jack to the edge of the screen and fades away.

But Don't Just Sit There, Join In:

You can show your own message on-screen or tweet your message to your followers:

Input box and button

Type your own message in the box at the top of the screen and hit the "enter" key or click "Show". Your message will fly out from Father Jack to the edge of the screen; if it includes one his phrases you'll also hear it.

Text flying out of Father Jack

Tweet your message to your followers: click "Tweet" and your followers will see a link that shows your message emerging from Father Jack a number of times and zooming to the edge of the screen (accompanied by one of his shouts if you use one of his phrases).

Tweet Your Message

Nerdy Stuff:

Tweets are pulled in every fifteen minutes or so, not all Father Jack type tweets are used, just a small sample.

If you want to keep a tweet on screen, move your mouse over it, or click on it with your mouse or finger (if tablet).