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Iain Duncan Smith Versus #bedroom Tax Tweets

The Very Unpleasant Iain Duncan Smith

IDS and the #bedroom Tax Tweets:

#bedroomtax tweets float across the screen and chase IDS.

IDS periodically says a couple of vile things which you can stop if you "show" a message on-screen (see below) containing "ratbag" or "song" (which will be accompanied by various soundbites).

Show your own message surrounding IDS

Answer Back, Get Involved, Join In:

Show and Tweet Your Message

Type your message in the box at the top of the screen and hit the "enter" key or click "Show". Your message will fly in and surround IDS.

Tweet your message to your followers: click "Tweet" and your followers will see a link that shows your message zooming in and surrounding IDS.

Tweet Your Message

Fight Back:

The #bedroomtax is an expression of pure ideology. No logic, evidence, reason, consensus has been sought. Bother your MP, support your neighbour, do whatever you can.

Information RE Tweets:

  • Tweets are pulled in every fifteen minutes or so, not all #bedroomtax tweets are used, just a small sample.
  • If you want to keep a tweet on screen, move your mouse over it, or click on it with your mouse or finger (if tablet).