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#newsnight Tweets

The Grand Inquisitor, Jeremy Paxman The Grand Inquisitor, Jeremy Paxman The Grand Inquisitor, Jeremy Paxman

#newsnight Tweets:

#newsnight tweets float around and bump into the four Newsnight presenters: Jeremy Paxman, Kirsty Wark, Emily Maitlis and Gavin Esler.

You can drag tweets and bump them into the presenters, or drag the presenters and bump them into the tweets. You can show and tweet your own messages, and in doing so shower the Newsnight folks with your love or with your disgust. Periodically, some of the presenters will spit out the odd phrase which will whizz to the edge of your screen, and then fade away (you can stop the presenters doing that if you show a message that contains "paxo", "wark", "maitlis" or "esler").

Add Your Own Tweets, Answer Back, Join In:

But don't just sit there and listen to Paxman and Co and their guests, join in, show or tweet your message:

Input box and button

Type your message in the box at the top of the screen and hit the "enter" key or click "Show". Your message will fly in and surround one of the presenters:

Text surrounding Paxman

Tweet your message to your followers: click "Tweet" and your followers will see a link that shows your message zooming in and surrounding a particular Newsnight presenter.

Tweet Your Message

Nerdy Stuff:

Tweets are pulled in every fifteen minutes or so, not all #newsnight tweets are used, just a small sample.

If you want to keep a tweet on screen, move your mouse over it, or click on it with your mouse or finger (if tablet).