Talks, Conferences and Seminars

I have spoken at a few conferences and run a few workshops, and do really enjoy it. Details of talks and workshops below. If you'd like me to speak or run a workshop, do please get in touch. Thanks!

Creating Reusable D3, London D3 Meetup

Slides from a talk I gave at a London D3 Meetup on July 23rd 2013.

Speaking on E-Commerce at ionSearch 2013

Full details up on the Refined Practice website

Research for the BBC: Strata Conference Ignite Slides "Reality TV, Politicians & Death"

Reality TV, politicians and death

Slides from my October 2nd 2012 talk at the StrataConf conference as part of the Ignite event. I discuss my findings from analysing how people search for News and Politics for the BBC.

A longer write-up of the research and the talk itself can be found here: BBC Research: Analysing 2.5 Million News and Politics Search Queries.

Brighton SEO: Lost Children or Hungry Psychopaths? What Do Searchbots Actually Do?

Brighton SEO: Lost Children or Hungry Psychopaths? What Do Searchbots Actually Do?

Slides from my April 13th 2012 talk at Brighton SEO are available at /about/talks/brighton-seo-visualising-searchbots/. I discuss how we know which URL's searchbot's request, how we can simply visualise these requests, and how we can help search engine robots really find all our content.

A write-up of my experience at the conference including a video and a lovely swirly picture of me speaking can be found here: Searchbots, Lost Children and More.

Ionsearch: Killer Keyword Research Panel

Ionsearch: Killer Keyword Research Panel

I spoke on an expert panel, "Killer Keyword Research", at another conference in April 2012, this time the ionsearch conference, April 18th 2012 in Leeds.

Slides are available at: /about/talks/ionsearch-killer-keyword-research/

There's also a blog post on my experience of talking at ionsearch here: Relevance Analysis, Keyword Research and Searchbots.