Processing and Visualising Google Analytics Data:

A little while back I built a tool to analyse keywords and landing pages taken from Google Analytics. The "Google Analytics Section and Landing Page Analysis (via the Google Analytics API)" section on /about/tools/ gives a bit more information about what it actually does. Here I discuss just a couple of technical points about it, and show a few screengrabs.

Updated to Use OAuth 2

The code is now a little bit heath-robinson, but it works, and has been updated to OAuth 2.0, which I'm pretty pleased with.


From a Python and Django point of view:

  • Integrates with Google Analytics API.
  • Uses decorators.
  • Has multiple Django forms, views, models. Lots of form checking and model manipulation.
  • And ... large chunks of data manipulation and preparation, ready for the final actual bubble and motion chart visualisations.


First screen: main form in which choose the Google Analytics account to use, start and end dates, and which tags to give the report you're creating:

Initial report creation form

Second major screen: screen showing progress of downloads of data from the Google Analytics API, and the progress of the processing. This is all kicked off and run via Django Celery.

Screen showing status of data download and processing

Final important screen: example visualisation using Google Motion Chart. This particular example is showing natural search traffic to top landing sections of a site over-time:

Screen showing motion chart visualisation of top landing section data